I felt compelled to write and illustrate children's books in Farsi when my first grandchild was born in 2008. I hope this book reaches parents who grew up outside of Iran, and who speak but cannot read Farsi. They are determined to raise children who also speak Farsi. I have therefore chosen to write these books in the Roman alphabet, as I am primarily concerned with educating the children of the next generation in spoken Farsi.

I hope you enjoy sharing these books with your family and friends as much as I enjoyed creating them. I would also love to hear from you, as I am always thrilled to hear about the joy that these books bring to families.

-Sheila Saleh


A fine artist for over 40 years, Sheila has worked in a variety of styles and media. To find out more about her fine art work, please visit Sheila Saleh's Online Gallery.